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How To Find Hidden Clearance At Walmart

Did you know that every Walmart store has over 10,000 individual items for sale?  That incredible amount of inventory means that when executives need to put things at regular price on clearance, hundreds of items can be deeply discounted on the same day.  

Finding these Walmart hidden clearance items at Walmart with the lowest prices can be tricky.

What Is Hidden Clearance At Walmart?

Most people are familiar with the clearance aisle at Walmart.  Usually located in the middle of the store; this aisle contains about a hundred or so items from just about every department in your local Walmart store.  

The Walmart clearance aisle is a great place to find items to sell on Amazon; it's very common to find deep discounts on small electronics, clearance toys, and bedding.

The problem is that just about everyone knows about it.  That can mean a lot of times you'll arrive to discover everything worth buying is already sold out.

Fortunately, there are also hundreds of items at Walmart that are marked down but not on this aisle. 

Justin, aka “The Flipping Accountant” says “Hidden clearance is special because there are amazing unmarked discounts that people miss because they don’t take the time to scan.”

Marked Clearance

Marked Walmart clearance items are usually found in every department of your local Walmart stores by their bright yellow stickers.  They are usually mixed in with "original price" items on the shelves.  

Typically, these items on clearance haven't been moved to a clearance aisle because they are too large, or it makes more sense for Walmart to sell them in their section.  Each store manager has some flexibility in the store price for any clearance item, but typically this is a regional decision.

For example, Walmart clearance deals for food products are usually kept in the grocery aisles where their expiration dates will be closely monitored.

Clearance sale items usually disappear fairly quickly with a lower price, so if you find a great bargain to help save money, be sure to grab it as quickly as you can.

Unmarked Clearance

Unmarked markdown items are a lot trickier to spot, but they're often great deals that few people know about.  Hidden clearance deals are items whose prices have been reduced by the corporate office, but their price tags haven't been changed on the shelves to the markdown price.  

To find hidden clearance deals, start by opening your Walmart app.  Then, scan the price tag on the shelf of any item at your local Walmart.  

If the price in the app is lower than the price in the store, the store is obligated to honor the price on the app.  The registers should also ring up the same price as it shows in the Walmart app.

Just be aware that these prices can fluctuate from store to store, so buying the same item in another store does not mean it will be the same as where you first purchased it.

Are There Certain Times Clearance is Marked?

Typically, clearance items are tagged during the first five days of the month.  This is not a hard and fast rule, however.  For example, seasonal items are typically put on clearance within a few hours of the end of the holiday.

Food items are usually placed on clearance within 24 hours of their expiration date.  Personal care products are usually placed on clearance during the month that they expire.  Items can also go on clearance for reasons such as damaged packaging or returns at any point during the month.  

Items that go on clearance are usually marked throughout the day.  In Walmart stores that are open 24 hours, items are usually marked in the middle of the night when stocking occurs, or early in the morning.

Late afternoons and evenings are usually avoided for markdowns because of the high number of shoppers in the store.

Using The Walmart App To Scan

Finding hidden clearance in the Walmart app is actually fairly easy.  Start by downloading the Walmart app from the App Store or Google Play Store.  Once you open the app, select the barcode scanner and scan the tag on the store shelf.

In some cases, scanning the barcode on the product might work also.

In order to find bargains in the store, you may have to scan many items.  With so many items available, this approach makes sense if you enter the store knowing that you want to buy very specific items.

If you're looking for great bargains with an open mind to what you could resell, then you'll want a more efficient way to look for clearance items.

Justin also offers some advice, “Scan, scan, scan.  Ask Walmart employees if there are any other items on clearance or if they know of any clearance sales coming up soon.

Follow deal pages on Instagram and deal hunters on YouTube to see what other clearance hunters are finding.”

Check out his channel for help on finding hidden Walmart clearance:

Other Ways To Find Hidden Clearance

Walmart's Website

Going to a store and scanning everything you can in the hopes of finding a bargain can be incredibly time-consuming.  Instead of wandering the aisles, go to the Walmart website and click on their clearance page for their online price.

This section is divided into several categories, and can be organized by price.  Multiple quantities of various items on these pages can be ordered, making this one of the most ideal methods for online resellers to find inventory.

While these are not technically hidden clearance, they can still lead to some hidden clearance rabbit holes once you hunt these in the store.  You can typically purchase these for store pickup to save you some time.


Brickseek is a website that scours multiple stores for clearance and heavily reduced items.  These items are organized by store, making it easy to find deeply discounted items that can be resold.  

It's also possible to check inventory levels of these items at your local store, saving you the hassle of showing up to a store just to discover those items are sold out.

Other Deal Websites

It may also be worth your time to look for deals on websites that offer rebates, checkout codes, and free shipping offers.  There are also plenty of Facebook groups and sites that also alert its users about deals.

While Walmart typically runs very few of these deals, they have been known to occasionally run $10 to $25 off when a purchase is delivered, picked up in the store, or combined with a prescription.  

More Clearance Deals Can Be Found With Tactical Arbitrage

If you're an online reseller, using a combination of all of the resources listed in this article can get you some great products for up to 95% off of their original retail price.  

The problem with all of them, however, is that you may not get enough products to resell in one store.  You may need to drive around to multiple locations to make it worth it.

If you are working a full time job or just starting out, then you need to maximize your time and get the best bang for your buck.

Fortunately, Tactical Arbitrage can help you maximize efficiency and time.  Our software scours the internet looking for items that have healthy profits and have high demand.

A great hack to finding great deals is to leverage the work of other sellers who find great deals at Walmart to resell.

Finding Top Sellers

One way to find some great products is to use Tactical Arbitrage's "Search Seller Products" under the Reverse Search.  This enables you to grab all of the ASINs of a particular seller and search for deals at all stores. 

You may be able to identify a product that is only sold at Walmart to see what other profitable Walmart items might be around.

Using Tactical Arbitrage For Retail Arbitrage

You can use the Product Search to search stores like Walmart & Target to find products that may only be available in store and in limited supply. 

The best way to do this is to run a scan in Product Search for a particular category and filter it for your desired ROI and/or profit margin.  Also consider sales rank to make sure it is a product that is in demand.

You can then manually go through products and see if it is carried in your local stores.  This may take some work, but if you find a great product it will be worthy of the time spent. 

This works best for products not sold online, but still in stock.  Otherwise, it is best to just order them online.

Final Thoughts

Finding hidden clearance items at Walmart can be a great way to find deeply discounted merchandise that you can resell for a profit.  

Find them by looking for items that you can profit from using Tactical Arbitrage, then scan those items in the store through your Walmart app or look them up online in the clearance pages of the Walmart website.

Once you've found your bargain, buy as many items as your budget allows and resell at a higher price for a profit.

Grab a free trial of Tactical Arbitrage here.

Related Questions

How often does Walmart drop clearance?

Walmart tends to drop the majority of their clearance items (and most of the best resellable items) within the first five days of the month.  

Shopping in the early morning or mid-afternoon tends to be the best time to find items that have just been marked down, but there are several arbitrage investors who have noticed deals will drop on the Walmart website around midnight but take several hours to reach store shelves.  

Clearance items in departments such as food and personal products will go on clearance throughout the month, and seasonal products tend to drop within 24 hours of the end of a holiday.

How does the Walmart barcode scanner work?

The Walmart barcode scanner is accessed through the Walmart app.  Once you've opened the app, just click on the barcode icon and the scanner will automatically come up.  

Make sure, however, that the app is allowed to access your cell phone's camera.